Thomas Cooke was a RASC clerk. From 19410-42, he served as secretary to Governor Lord Gort . An eloquent and engaging speaker, he describes the troopship to Gibraltar, his arrival and commencing work at Government House. He recalls meeting ADC Anthony Quayle and Lord Gort . Cooke describes his duties as secretary, provides descriptions of key personalities, including Lord Gort, along with other prominent names. He recalls the reaction in Gibraltar of ships which sunk Bismark and news of Pearl Harbour, the subsequent briefing of Gort and senior officers. He recalls visitors to Gibraltar and entertainment of General Munoz Grandes, during an official visit to the Rock. He reminisces about Gort reporting to King, concerns about Malta and gossip of other senior officers. He mentions attacks from Italian mini subs and the use of a merchant ship across the bay by Italians. He tells of the visit and death of Gen Sikorski, along with a description of the runway, tunnels, planes, especially the Catalinas.

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