Eddie Clarke served as an NCO with the 1st Bn Cameronians at the end of WW2. He begins by describing his voyage out to Gibraltar abroad troopship, the Almanzora. He recollects guarding PoWs at Little Camp Bay, cases of suicide and relations with the PoWs as they awaited repatriation. He recalls living in Nissan hut accommodation and the introduction of sheets and proper bedding. He describes life at the time in Gibraltar; the routine duties and the periods of training. He goes on to talk about the sport, off duty pursuits and recreation, describing the bars and visits to Spain, with its brothels and the resulting problems of VD. He reminiscences about guard duty at Four Corners and at the Convent, along with working parties and the unloading of ammunition ships. He further expresses his views about some of the key personalities in his unit at the time and the rigours of military life.

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Clarke, Eddie – transcript