Mary Quinlan went out to Gibraltar as a child of eight years old from 1946 -1953. Her father worked in the Generating stations in the dockyard, providing power to ships which came into the harbour to be repaired; he worked in the Generating Station from 1942. She tells of a happy childhood in Gibraltar; swimming in Rosia Bay; and school life at The Convent; Carlotta’s ‘wheelers’; Father Bernard Devlin; Jewish Refugees 1948, and The Bedenham Explosion. In later life she became a nurse and married Sir Michael Quinlan, Permanent Under Secretary MOD (1988- 1992).


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Mary Quinlan – transcript


Mary Quinlan-Finleys - Gib Feb 1946 (2)

Mary Quinlan-Finleys - Gib Feb 1946 (1)