Mary Lou Benson was born on 14 July 1926 in Gibraltar. She describes her early childhood, of being a ‘tom boy’ and loner, holidaying in San Roque at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and the years during WW2. She recalls being evacuated, first to Casablanca, then Madeira and finally, Tangiers, where she worked at the British Consulate translating traveller reports for the Ministry of Information in London. She recounts her string of boyfriends and her love of partying and having fun. She recalls her return to Gibraltar and subsequent time spent in London attending a secretarial course before pursuing a career in the airline industry.

Mary Lou Benson talks of having had a most interesting, successful and enjoyable life. In her reminiscences, she covers some serious social issues, along with the lighter side of the war. Overall, it provides a genuinely engaging and at times amusing personal journey over nearly nine decades.


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Mary Lou Benson – TRANSCRIPT