Dilys was born in 1918. Her father was a Gibraltarian seafarer who served in both the First and Second World Wars. Her mother was from Pembrokeshire and staunchly Welsh. Before marrying she insisted that her partner changed his name from Pizzarello to Parcell. She refused to have anything to do with his Gibraltarian relations and brought Dilys up as a Protestant rather than Catholic.

During WW2, the father served in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the Mediterranean and the off the coast of Wales and Ireland, where his ship with sunk by enemy action. Also during the war, Dily’s grandmother and a cousin were evacuated to London. Dily subsequently met them and went on to establish contact with other members of her extended family in Gibraltar, a relationship which was to bloom and ensure until the current day

In the interview, Dilys speaks fondly about her Gibraltar roots and her relatives along with the visits she has subsequently made to Gibraltar. Despite her strict upbringing she considers herself part Gibraltarian. Dilys provides a fascinating insight into the disruption caused by war. After the war, Dily attended Ruskin College, Oxford and subsequently went on to became a professional painter.

Dilys was aged 96 at the time of the interview and lived with his son and sister in law in Hertfordshire, where she still painted.


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Dilys Hallibone – TRANSCRIPT